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3080 had a TDR error, now the machine won't POST with it in. Any idea how to diagnose?

8 Nov 2007
London and Florence, Italy
Hi all,

hope this is the right place for this post, if not let me know where to put it.

I have an old machine with a new graphics card (2600k/B450/16GB with a 3080), and it's been working fine. 2 days ago, in the middle of playing a non-stressful game for the graphics card (Vampire Survivors), I got a lo-res bluescreen with an error - "Video TDR Error" I think, definitely TDR. I left it to reboot and recover.

Thing is, the machine didn't POST after this, I power cycled a few times and always the same.
- fans come on
- graphics card fans and LEDs on as well
- motherboard ethernet port shows connection activity
- USB devices do not receive power (e.g. mouse, keyboard)
- no video output

This even happened when using the motherboard HDMI port, with the 3080 still connected.

I removed the 3080 and rebooted - machine POSTs and gets into Windows fine!

I attached an old 1080Ti and rebooted - machine POSTs and gets into Windows fine! (using 1080Ti HDMI out)

So obviously the card is a bit ******, and plugging it into my machine makes it very unhappy.

Obviously I will contact the manufacturer to talk about warranty (it's about 20 months old so not sure it will be covered), but I wonder, is there anything I can do in the meantime that is worth trying to see if I can get the machine to POST with the 3080 in it?

Thanks in advance all.
22 May 2015
It's a 1000W PSU, it's been running the 3080 fine for the last 18 months (including much more taxing stuff than what it was doing when it died)
Wattage means nothing, you can find 1000w units that are actually a lot less in reality depending on the 12v rail. If it's a Corsair, Seasonic or Superflower, you should be good. EVGA probably good too.

If it's anything else, it could be a factor.
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