40% off Threshers!!!!

15 Dec 2005

Just print the form off, and go shop!

Hugh MacLeod - cartoonist extraordinaire, bespoke tailoring champion and, latterly, viral marketer for Stormhoek wine - has started talking about something that could get quite big quite quickly.

No need for that booze cruise to Calais before Christmas as you can get a 40 percent discount on all purchases of wine and champagne from Thresher outlets in the UK between November 30 and December 10.

That’s a pretty significant cost saving on the price of wine in this country - outrageously expensive compared to most other European countries because of high taxes.

Discounting product like this is not new and this is hardly a story to get anyone excited about (well, setting aside the nice cost savings).

What makes it interesting is that Thresher is not advertising this offer anywhere. As Hugh explains, no in-store promotions, no advertising. Only the coupon that you can get via blog posts like Hugh’s, mine and others who write about it.

So go ahead, download the coupon. Print it out. Read the small print just so you’re wholly clear on the deal.

Then tell your friends. If you write a blog, blog it as well.

Lets’ see if a combination of a hefty discount on wine and lots of word-of-mouth commentary make a difference to anything.

And don’t forget to head down to your local Thresher store between November 30 and December 10.
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