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AKG k92 replacement pads?

Discussion in 'Sound City' started by Armadillo, Jun 13, 2018 at 6:03 PM.

  1. Armadillo


    Joined: Feb 29, 2004

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    One of the pads on my headphones has started to have the synthentic leather flake off in certain places. The pads can apparently be replaced, but I can't find any. I know they are a cheap headphone, but I found cheap pads for the Sony pulse ps3 headset and even pads for my old cheap panasonic htx7 , but nothing for these.

    They are only cheap, but the pads for the others were only £10 or so and I see plenty of generic Xmm pads for similar sort of prices (£10), so If I could replace the pads for about £10, I'd do it, but I don't see any. Do I just need to go with a set of generic fits Xmm headphones & does anyone know the size for them?

    If too expensive, I'll just leave it be, but generic replacements for other cheaper headphones were easy to find.

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  2. Marsman


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    There are pads which fit different models, but of those I can't see any that are listed as K92 compatible. Not sure why no one seems to do any that fit these headphones as they are replaceable.

    There could be some that will fit just not listed as being for the K92. The trouble is, unless someone's tried and tested and can confirm one way or the other, then it's trial and error. Given the cost of the headphones and what you're looking to spend, it won't be worth it unless they are confirmed to fit. So far, I've not come up with anything certain to fit.
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