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Am I straining my cpu/gpu with my small psu?

Discussion in 'Power Supplies' started by ExoMale, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. ExoMale


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    while I still have my AM1, in my sig is the replacement computer I built on budget.

    Now I don’t use my computer much and not for long period of times either, but when I am using it while i haven’t had issues, I do question if my small psu that we know has 200w on the 12v rail is going to be straining my system?

    It’s all stock and have no intentions to overclock anything, but I am nearly ready to bite the bullet on a 300w BeQuiet power 2 that will be brand new for that bit more longevity , but I’m wondering whether I should hold off still?
  2. billysielu


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    Nah, if your PC works, leave it alone.