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Anyone beat this for BT service?

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by Jez, 17 May 2006.

  1. Jez


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

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    I had an issue with my line a few days back where it almost died through a very bad thunderstorm and my router re-synced at 400k, putting my BRAS profile to a lovely quarter meg, and my SNR target to 15db :p I reported this issue to BT and they seemed to fix it next day with no worries, my line seemed fine however my target SNR was still stupidly high and hence causing low sync rates.

    2 days later (earlier today) i get a call directly from a BT engineer at my exchange asking me what he could do to help me as he'd been told i was still having issues. There and then on the phone he adjusted my SNR target, turned interleaving off, and did a load of line tests, while i sat back and used the SNR tweak on the belkin to between us achieve a sync of 3.8mbit @ 5SNR which looking at my line history should stay solid throughout the night touch wood.

    Not bad for a 6230M 60DB att. line! Great work bt :) Thought they deserve some praise after all the slating they get.
  2. Dave2150


    Joined: 31 Oct 2002

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    Is your ISP BT retail?

    That is good service. Ideally though RAMBO should have monitored that your connection was stable for days, then downsync'd like it did during the storm, then after the storm should automatically adjust back to the 6db profile you were on before.

    Lots of the slating is deserved IMO - calling their next generation network 21CN is a bit stupid, when you consider what it means for the end user (no faster connection speeds for those stuck on 56k, 256k adsl, 512k, 1mbit etc)

    Other countries manage with FTTK, FTTH, VDSL, ADSL2+ with minimal contention compared to this country, without switching off the PSTN to save a lot of money.

    Its worth noting that Ofcom deserve to be slated everytime BT are as well though :)
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  3. Jez


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    Posts: 33,007

    ISP is eclipse internet :)
  4. csmager


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    Location: London

    I wish BT would do that for me! Doubt F2S have contacted them though. Their support seems to have decided to go on permanent holiday, or something. No replies to tickets for weeks (many people have said), and no phone answers after hours on hold (to 0870). MAC key before the next billing date, methinks.
  5. bigredshark

    Man of Honour

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    interesting one, some individual BT engineers are superb but they're pretty rare. sounds like good luck.

    that said, i work with BT wholesale occassionally (not a hell of a lot, there's better things for me to do) and they can get things done when the mood suits them. That said fibrenet are the best I've ever encountered service wise, Neos wouldn't be badeither if there network was less flaky
  6. #Chri5#


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    Don't get me started on BT OpenReach engineers :mad:
  7. Burbleflop


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    Blimey, for BT that is quick service. They weren't even that wuick with me when one of their muppet workmen stuck their pnumatic drill through a few pairs of fibre coming into the building - it took a week to get them all sorted.