Anyone use EntroPay?

17 Feb 2006
I used to use them years ago, and sadly just learned of their closure in 2019.

I used them for small one-off transactions where I didn't 100% trust the vendor (online store) with my real card details. After having had one previous incident where a dodgy vendor made some rather large purchases shortly after I bought something, and although my bank sorted it all very quickly, I decided that extra security was called for in future.

In recent years PayPal has made this less necessary. But I do still find vendors who will only take Visa/Mastercard or the like, and I don't trust them with my real card details. Think AliExpress and all that jazz.

What EntroPay was was a virtual, pre-paid Visa card; free to setup an account and free to spend money, with a small charge when you added funds. But the charges were very reasonable. And they didn't send you a physical card or offer financial services; it was a simple virtual card and nothing else.

What I have mostly seen today after Googling, is a lot of alternatives where you pay a monthly fee, have large account creation fees, or must buy a pre-paid card for the amount loaded plus a large fee. E.g. one place has a $20 pre-paid card for $40. Ouch!

So does anyone know of a free/cheap pre-paid card service like EntroPay? I won't use it enough to warranty monthly fees and the amounts will be small anyhow. Oh and it must be accepted anywhere were Visa or Mastercard is accepted.


(And no, it's nothing exciting like drugs or escorts. I wish...)
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