Asrock Dual SATA cooling Mods.

29 Nov 2005
Milton Keynes
I need to cool my board down further.

I have restricted amounts of space for my case and it is causing some airflow issues, so i need to make the most of the internal cooling ability of my case.

I have Super-Glued an old ABIT chipset fan to the southbridge chip on the board and got a nice 3c drop. Now i need to work on cooling the northbridge.

Has anyone made any modifications to the northbridge heatsink? Added a fan maybe?

I have noticed that the Heatsink on the northbridge is similar in size to the HSF i used on my socket A chip. Anyone know a way i can mod this to fit on the northbridge without getting in the way of the CPU HSF. I have an issue at the moment with the retaining clips from the CPU HSF sitting on the northbridge HS.

Any help would be greatfully appreciated. I will be changing my HSF soon to a Scythe Ninja, so this should help, but i need help with modding this northbridge..
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