Asrock problems, BSOD's etc at install

22 Sep 2005
so ive been building a PC for a mate on a tight budget
intel pentium D 805
Asrock 775 dual 880 Pro
1GB DDR2 ram
Western digital 250GB SATA HDD

took me HOURS to even get it to the pouint of which windows ( setup) would recognise the HDD was there. and by chanvce i saw a post as a review on an etailer saying set the jumper to gforce it to 1.5GB/s

anyway, cos past the formating, and as the computer restarts and the windows loading screen comes on BSOD ( this is th e part before the blue windows final setup phase )

while the initial set up was working ( straight after the format) there was some errors about not being able to find a file, V *****RAID.inf etc ( cant remeber the whole name)
i pressed skip as retry got me no where)

any ideas ?
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