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12 Feb 2006
title self explainitory, looking for free software that will convert music (mp3) into a much smaller file yet still be mp3 if that makes sense, so it can be put on a samsng d500. Im currently using imtoo to convert it into much smaller files by changing it from like 128 thingys to like 64, but problem is it wont allow for 48 as it scrwws up and onlty allows 2 songs at a time, so i gota restart constanly, anyone know of anything better? and free?
12 Mar 2004
addy_010 said:
no it doesnt, not on samsung d500 tehre is not one differnce, unless on earphonesd but then differnce is so little its so much better to have 55 songs on the fone then to have just 11

You must be using bad earphones. Trust me, 64Kbps is half the data, try listening to it on the computer. The reason you dont notice a difference on the phone speakers is because phone speakers are crap. If you change the bitrate from 128 to 64, you would get 22 songs not 55. I would seriously suggest a mp3 player, youll just be blown away by the difference. Good advice for buying a phone, if you want to play mp3s on one get one with a card slot.

Itunes can convert the music to 64Kbps for free, I wouldnt reccomend the software though its pretty bad imo.
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