Cinnamon Mint 21.1 - PCs cannot access each other?

18 Oct 2002
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Ok, I have just installed a frech Cinnamon setup onto a spare PC and they are bot hsetup pretty much identically.

I can see the other PC on the Network, but I cannot access it - This goes both ways, and I get the same errors

I double click on the Icon then I get the Authentication dialog, I enter my name, and Password, skipping the Domain ( It says WORKGROUP, I click on Remember Forever, but tat is useless as I need to enter it EVERY TIME

Then I get a dialog saying

Unable to mount location
Failed to retrieve share list from server: Invalid arguement

The PCs are named BULLDOZER and RYZEN

These are both FRESH installs as of earlier this morning, and they are both up to date with .. Well, updates, and I have installed SAMBA but NOT done any configurations.

What is wrong?

Sorry, I have also setup my DOWNLOADS folder as Shared
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