Computers in cars....

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18 Oct 2002
As some of you may have guessed from the Skyline thread, I HATE having control of the car taken away from me and handed onto computers.

Given half a chance - any car I buy will NOT have:

Traction Control
Power Steering *and power assisted*
Active Yaw Control
Why do I need a seat that adjusts electronically?
Flappy bloody paddle gearboxes *only driven 1 car with one fo these that works properly - and that wasn't road legal*
active...blah blah blah...

The only computer I want is in the MP3 player..if that

I want a physical connection between the steering wheel and the steering rack.

I want my braking to be uninterferred with by computers say I can't break that hard.

I'm proposing a Campaign for real cars.

Wheels, seat, arse type things.

Aerial Atom - two thumbs up.
Lotus Elise and Exige- two thumbs up.
Radical - two thumbs up.
Escort Mk 2 - two thumbs up.
Lancia Stratos - two thumbs up.

One day the manafacturers are going to relaise that people WANT cars like these and actually make more of them.

Having been in high performance cars when the electronics systems fail - it's not a pretty experience. Imaging having your ability to steer cut in half, braking ability cut dramatically.

Ok..I freely admit that if there's someone who doesn't know how to drive then the electronics tend to be required as they really don't know how to use thir car.

Yet another reason why Pass Plus should be compulsory - or even make the test include some skid pan time or something like that.

Sorry...rant over..

Man of Honour
18 Oct 2002
Originally posted by GAmbrose
And are also two of the nicest 'fast' cars to drive...

Top Gear put the Evo with all it's computer aid against a 19080 Audi 80 Rally spec and it trounced it. I don't mind computer intervention if it's actually going to make me quicker in the real world.

Gary A

So the 20ish years inbetween them had nothing to do with it?

Originally posted by [TW]Fox
I think you are a hypocrit, given you drive around day to day in a power assisted, ABS fitted car with electric windows...

No fuse in the ABS or in the power assisted steering. :D Has made the car much better. For the 18-24months or so until I finish my project - dump the Renault on someone and have fun.

Since when have electric windows needed a computer? It's a switch?? :confused:

Originally posted by Bobbler
LOL @ that one, one that gets me is the super mini type cars that struggle to get into a space twice the size of their cars with PAS! :)

Oh..the bloody girly button in fiats!!! The steering is so light and lifeless as standard..what do I want to make it worse for?!?!?

Originally posted by N43SP33D
Technology is the future, you are just showing your age :p

"In my day bla bla bla" - I hope you are old and wrinkley ;)

Nope...I'm 26...
Man of Honour
18 Oct 2002
Originally posted by Jono
Ah you'll all be moaning when big brother puts another computer in your car so they can tell exactly where you are and where you've fast you went etc..

I was offered that NU insurance due to my other half working there.

Turned it down immediately.

There is one interesting thing about it - there's a chap who my other half has to report any crime that he knows of in the company to the police.

Fair enough...

But with the new tracker insurance..if they find out that people speed..does he have to report it? Technically...yes...

Luckily it's only a trial at the moment.

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