Corsair H100i Platinum SE Pump LED Problems

18 Oct 2002
West Yorks
My H100i is just over a year old (bought 28th Nov 2019) and has developed an annoying fault where the white LEDs will intermittently stop working. They'll work fine for a bit, maybe ficker on and off intermittently for a bit, then power off.

If i disconnect the SATA power and plug back in, they'll start working again just fine. They'll last just fine for a day or so before going right back to where they were.

The product is obviously not working correctly, but I know i'm going to struggle to demonstrate the fault to any retailer as it requires being used for a period of time before it shows the fault.

Looking online, Corsair say they hydro series products have a 5 year warranty. But is that on everything, or is something like the LEDs not going to covered ? is this only going to cover the mechanical components.

I've never faced a situation like this so not sure what the process to claim on the warranty would be, can you find out in advance if they would cover it, or do you just have to post it off and wait and see what they will or won't cover ?

Alternatively because it's only the LEDs, does anybody know how easy it is replace the LEDs on a corsair AIO ? previous experience with kitchen LED lights etc.. tells me this sort of stuff happens all the time, LEDs don't last forever so even if I get the product replaced, it's not a guarantee it won't happen again.
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