Crucial SSD and momentum cache

21 Dec 2012
I have an old system and I've replaced my windows hdd with a crucical mx 500 ssd. Due to sata 2 restrictions I can't get full speed of the ssd . So I've activated the momentum cache feature. My question is that if this feature damages the ssd in the long run or causes additional write wear hence shortening lifespan. What would be your opinion? I don't get a feeling of a fast ssd . It seems like a have a drive which is a tiny bit faster than my old hdd. Should I disable the momentum cache.

My system:
Gigabyte p43 es3g mainboard, 8 gb ddr2 ram, crucial mx500 250 gb ssd, seagate st2000dm001 2 tb 7200 rpm hdd, q9300 cpu and windows 10 pro
22 Jul 2020
AFAIK like any other artificial caching it uses you System Memory and outside benchmarks will gain you littler to no gain in real life usage.

I have not erven bothered with it on my Samsungs but did try it in the past on other drives (many years ago).
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13 Oct 2006
I see some slight benefits from Rapid mode with my Samsung SSD. It doesn't really make huge odds though or really change the story much if you are on SATA2.

Even on SATA2 a SSD makes a pretty big difference over a HDD though.

Stuff like Momentum cache does increase the risk of data loss if you have sudden power loss other than that doesn't really have any potential negative implications.
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