css frames per sec problem

19 Jan 2006
London, UK
been out of pc gaming for a while now and have recently built a system to play some games on namely cs:s. Specs are:
amd64 3500+
1 gig unmatched ram (2x 512)
xfx 7600 Gt xxx (256mb) pci-e
DFI lanparty ut ultra D motherboard

It seems to me as though when I play the 1st round when just entered a cs:s server the fps is good, ranging from 60-100. But from the 2nd round onwards it dips to below 30. I did the video stress test and it scored average of 96 fps. The resolution im playing on is 1280x1024 (crt), most settings are on high (with a * next to them).
Any idea what seem to be the problem? Could it be my PSU? Its an old 400W one, one 12V rail, usual value is 11.5V.
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