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delid die mate x

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by wookiee87, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. wookiee87


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    i dont supose anyone here has the above tool for lga 2066 cpu's that would be willing to let me borrow theirs so i could delid my 7900x, i keep checking on ocuk and the tool there has bee out of stock for a fair while.
    latley my cpu has been hitting some alarming tempratures , i have a 4.5ghz clock and the volatge set to 1.15v and i'm seeing mid 80's high 90's in some cases, considring i have a monoblock installed i'm a bit worried about my cpu

    any help is much appricated


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  2. LuckyBenski


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    Location: London

    It'd be worth identify if you have a monoblock mounting issue. Are VRMs cool? Assuming pump and flow are ok.

    Try popping it off and going to air to confirm its its actually the CPU would be my advice.
  3. wookiee87


    Joined: Aug 28, 2017

    Posts: 402

    its deninatly the cpu as the vrm teps are well below 70 degrees (43 on average) and flow rate in the blocks i have is working as intended (no air bubbles or restrictions), when the cpu is idle the temps are awsome low 20 -25 degrees, and in some games the cpu sits around 65 dergrees, but playing the anthem demo and the divison 2 beta i saw cpu temps where very high mid 80's i had to reduce my oc from 4.6ghz as at that sped the cpu hit 99 and throtted back to 2.9ghz :(
    the cpu is cooled by a 360mm rad and that has ek fans which are exasusting plenty of heat out of the rad