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Dell XPS 15 9570 Nvidia GPU behaving strangely.

Discussion in 'Laptops & Tablets' started by harry5522, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. harry5522


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    Hey everybody,

    Recently got an XPS 15 9570 for uni stuff. I have been running some benchmarks and making sure everything is running as it should be and my GPU ( 1050Ti Max-Q ) Seems to be showing signs of strange behavior.

    Mainly it's sensors seem to cut out every few seconds like the card is being enabled and disabled relatively quickly.

    This is quite well visualised by the MSI afterburner chart displayed below.


    It also doesn't quite seem to be performing as well as it should.

    I have installed and reinstalled the latest drivers, considering doing a fresh install of windows tonight.

    Has anyone else noticed anything like this happening on their laptop ? or anyone with the same gpu had these issues?


  2. kurosagi01


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    I have the GTX1050ti-MaxQ in my MSI GF63-8RD and I also have the latest windows driver and Nvidia driver installed, i've tried setting in Nvidia control panel to only run the 1050ti only or it will probably switch between the IGPU and DGPU when you're not doing much work and its switching to reserve power. The afterburner temp readings always drop between 0-xxC while i'm on just web browsing or on desktop but when i'm playing games and using the Rivatuner stats display the temp readings stays consistently at the operating temps of 70-80C and the GPU is running at 99%.

    It could be switching due to unnecessary work-load or MSI afterburner doesn't fully support laptop GPU correctly and it isn't reading the temps consistently.
    I had this with the 1060 while on desktop/web browsing the temp reading drops from 0 then 40C etc on my Lenovo legion Y720 before the GPU or windows **** itself to the point I couldn't use the 1060(error 43) and I had to send it back and got it replaced with the MSI.
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  3. harry5522


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    Location: The king of the north!

    Hey thanks for the response, seems like it's more of a software issue above anything else. Will do some more research and tweaking, have put liquid metal on both the gpu and cpu now to eliminate thermal issues.