DFI Nforce 4 and freezer pro (excluding expert)

30 Jan 2005
Well Id been annoyed at the lay out of my Ultra-D for a while as with a GFX card in the top slot there was not enough space between the fan in my freezer pro and the card. Facing it the other way didnt seem like a great idea either. I ended up going watercooled but today after a small leak im back to air temporarily. I thought i would see if i could get the Freezer pro facing the "right" way. I hunted about a while ago to see if it could be done but i couldnt find any info on it at all. I was actually surprised at just how simple it turned out to be.


I unclipped the fan, removed the retention bracket then placed it through the middle of the heatpipes with the non lever side going to the fan end and reassembled the lever assembly. There are holes in the retention mechanism and matching pins on the top of the contact plate make sure there are lined up when fitting. The very bottom fin required bending slightly to stop it touching my ram.


I also had to cut the bottom corner of the fan as again it was hitting my ram. I just did this with a pair of snips. Sorry about the poor quality photo.

It was then time to try it out. It fitted same as normal except it was far easier to fit the main bodly then clip on the fan afterwards.


I hope this info is of use to somebody else I was considering buying an expert a while ago just for the improved layout but 15 minutes work was all it took to sort this one out and im very happy with the result
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