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Ducky One issing and rrrrrepeating keys

Discussion in 'Gaming Peripherals' started by Spunkey, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. Spunkey


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    I've had a Ducky One for a little over three months now and in the last week or so it's started repeating and missing keystrokes. I thought at first I was going crazy and losing my typing accuracy, but I eventually witnessed it missing keys.

    Mostly it repeats 'T' and misses 'S' (in fact it just did it right there) although it does happen to other keys occasionally. I'd say one in every 50 presses on those specific key will fail.

    I've taken the keycaps off and attempted to clean the switches with compressed air but it hasn't helped. Some online guides say to reduce the repeat rate of the keys in Windows too, but I don't see how that will help with missing keystrokes.

    I thought it may be driver related, but surely you can't mess up a keyboard driver these days? In my 25 years working with PCs I've never once had that problem. Does anyone know of any other magic fixes before I start an RMA?

    In case it matters, this keyboard has CherryMX black switches (this one) , and I am bottoming out the keys as I'm a ham-fisted oaf when it comes to typing.
  2. EsaT


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    If same happens also with keyboard connected to other PC/laptop then you know where fault is.
    Otherwise it's hard to say 100% surely.
  3. foster grant


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    I have had such issues in the past , I think you have to " reset" the KB by pressing the Fn key and one of the number keys but I cant remember what number key....sorry :(

    I think I used Fn +f1 as I recal
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  4. PanMaster

    Wise Guy

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    Key chatter is possibly caused by the Cherry switches failing, dust or loose housing. RMA time.