Essential unix IT support skills

13 Jan 2007
Belfast,Northern Ireland
Start a new job on Monday and keen to make sure there aren't any gaps in my abilities. I was wondering what are the key skills required in regard to unix for IT support?

Bit of a split role with the other parts being BA/SQL/.NET/Java debugging

I'm happy enough with all of the above other than being a bit hazy on java debugging skills so if anyone has their two cents on that it would be appreciated. Based in eclipse btw.

Anyway I have very little information on the job and can only guess what skills will be needed which is why I am asking here. I imagine it will entail grepping log files, checking processes are in check, anything else?

During the interview the guy mentioned thread dumps? Can anyone explain a bit more about this, google'd it a bit but didn't find anything too clear. Essentially its a dump of all the information regarding java process threads? So I would use this to see if something is locked which shouldn't be and therefore remove it as it may be holding another process up?
17 Oct 2002
So your going to be offering support for some Java Unix infrastructure? Just a little confused to if your actually debugging java code or more resource management/investigation. The eclipse thing is throwing me a little.

If your supporting an infrastructure for java then I'd imagine your looking at JVM remote monitoring, and or jvm heap/thread dumps.

Probably a bit of tomcat/jboss/websphere/jdbc knowledge would help to.
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