Eyefinity set up - does it work (well) with monitors at different resolutions?

18 Oct 2002
Southampton, Hampshire
I know this question has been asked in various forms but I don't think I've found the definitive answer yet.

I want to base my set up around a decent 27" IPS 1440p monitor with a wide gamut which might set me back around £700-ish. THing is, I'd also like the benefits of Eyefinity too in the not so distant future but dont want to spend the same again x2.

With Eyefinity 2.0, can I have 2 slightly lower resolution monitors (i.e. 1920x1200) flanking the 27"? I believe in a working Windows environment, this should be fine and they'll run in their native resolutions but have games overcome the fact all monitors have to run at the same resolution (the lower of the set)?

I did the usual google thing and there were images of set ups with all sorts of monitor sizes being used -- no information whether they're in their native resolution or not :confused:
30 Jan 2012
When i had a 1080 monitor and a 720 one windows and general usage would be at the native resolutions of the monitors. The one time I thought to try gamin across the two I had to have the 1080 monitor at 720 to work with the other one. I can only assume it would be the same
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