Good “Quick Start” Guide To Mesh WiFi networks?

13 Apr 2013
La France
I’m thinking about putting a mesh WiFi network in our old stone farmhouse as having 2 different WAPs (WiFi router and WiFi extender) using different SSIDs is fine for static devices, but there’s a few corners of the house where devices will camp on the exterior WAPs (TPLink 2.4GHz CPEs providing coverage to the gites) as the side leakage from these is offering a better signal than the interior WAPs.

Running wired APs inside is a non-starter due to 2 foot thick stone walls and powerline connectivity is out due to the lack of mains sockets on a ring main).

Mesh is looking the way to go, but I know very little about these systems.

Can anyone recommend a good “quick start” guide for mesh WiFi networks?
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