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Gsync+ULMB at the same time (Dell S2716DG confirmed)

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by Falkentyne, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Falkentyne


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    Monitor MUST support 3d vision 2.
    This should also work identically on the 24" version of this dell screen (1440p, 3d vision 2 support, Gsync TN).

    Variable refresh rate + strobing.
    Custom resolution: 2389x1344 (others may work). Automatic timings (Just change resolution)

    (this works on both the 27" and 24" dell TN).



    3d vision 2 is required.

    Now if someone knows how to get 3d vision 2 enabled *WITHOUT* stereo glasses (aka Lightboost), then you can have VRR +Gsync at the same time on this monitor AND the 27" dell TN.

    Note: on the OLD 24" Monitors when using an Nvidia video card, you could "trick" the driver into thinking you had a monitor with an integrated 3d emitter by editing the monitor ID in Toasty X CRU (the hex value) and changing it to ACI27F8

    But these are 1440p monitors. NO idea what will happen if you guys try this.
    In addition, the 1080p monitors required SPECIFIC Vertical total values at specific refresh rates to force the monitor to unlock lightboost (which then could stay enabled even at 60hz or 75hz):
    100hz: 1920x1080, VT 1138
    110hz: VT 1143
    120hz: VT 1149.

    I have NO idea what the target VT is for 1440p monitors. For reference, on the 1080p monitors, the target VT was +5 over the default VT.
    You guys are on your own. Assuming spoofing the ID even works to unlock stereoscopic 3D...

    12:06 PM - masterotaku: 1- Enable 3D Vision and make sure Lightboost is enabled in the desktop.
    12:06 PM - masterotaku: 2- Create custom resolution.
    12:06 PM - Falkentyne: can i post this on the forums:)
    12:06 PM - Falkentyne: i had a bad day i want to be popular for 15 minutes frown.gif
    12:06 PM - masterotaku: 3- Switch to G-Sync after that in the Nvidia CP.
    12:07 PM - masterotaku: 4- That resolution is now locked into that G-Sync + ULMB mode.

    12:33 PM - masterotaku: When I switch to these custom resolutions, they are in Lightboost mode.
    12:33 PM - masterotaku: Even with 3D totally disabled.
    12:33 PM - Falkentyne: try this
    12:33 PM - masterotaku: But when I enable and disable 3D again, and then enable G-Sync, they are in ULMB state by default.
    12:34 PM - masterotaku: When they are in Lightboost mode, they switch to ULMB+G-sync in games.

    So, can any of you guys unlock stereoscopic 3D by changing the monitor ID in toastyX CRU to ACI27F8 and then activating Lightboost on the desktop?
    Or if anyone has another way....post it ;)

    BTW if the 1440p monitors follow the same pattern as the 1080p monitors, *IF* you unlocked "Set up Stereoscopic 3D" in the NVCP, then the 100hz Vertical total would be 1515 (1510+5), and the 120hz Vertical total would be 1530 (1525+5). Someone needs to find out if the 1440p monitors have a certain vertical total via a custom resolution that will turn on 3D mode, like the 1080p panels did.

    More discussion here:

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  2. Falkentyne


    Joined: Apr 7, 2006

    Posts: 204

    Post by masterotaku ยป Today, 11:37

    Steps (I have finally confirmed them with another custom resolution):

    How to do this (having a 3D Vision kit is necessary):

    1- Enable 3D Vision and make sure Lightboost (not ULMB) is enabled in the desktop, using the "always" option.
    2- Create a 120Hz custom resolution. I have tried 2389x1344 and 2528x1422.
    3- Switch to G-Sync in the Nvidia CP without disabling 3D Vision first.
    4- Now that custom resolution is locked into this G-Sync + ULMB mode (the monitor OSD will say "ULMB 120Hz").