H60 normal RPM 4326? Really?!

1 Apr 2012
Warwick UK

I have a H60 cooler attached to a 2500K @4.5Ghz....

It has a problem where it makes a "hard drive access noise" when tower is upright and it goes away when the case is put on it's side...this problem was addressed in anopther thread.

My question for a watercooling genius is whether or not 4326RPM is high for the pump? It is connected to the PWR FAN header on an ASUS P8Z68V-LX mainboard.It seems like a pretty bug number compared to normal fan speeds...or is this just as it is a pump and not a fan and so will have higher RPM... COrsair recommend connecting it to PWR FAN (and if that isnt possible then to a molex via fan adapter...so i'm sure it's hooked up ok)

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