Hard/Soft tubing recommendations for ease of use?

5 Apr 2008
Deepest, Darkest, Essex.
Almost there. I have radiators, pump/res', fittings etc but I would like to get some advice on tubing before I buy any.

I have XSPC fittings for 14/10 hard tube that I want to use on my build, and I have Bitspower compression fittings for soft tubing that my son wants to use.

I think the Bitspower fittings are for ID 10mm which seems to make the OD 13mm although I don't have any to check with.

I have seen in my endless reading that some hard tube doesn't like to bend, which would be an issue, to say the least! So, I'd like to know people's recommendations before purchasing. I will be buying a bending kit and I have the heat gun already.

Also, are there any soft tubes that people recommend? He wants clear, which is the only stipulation at the moment.

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