I got my old job back!

19 Dec 2003
Hey folks!

For those who were interested enough to read my other posts in the past...! A Brief rundown...

I used to work in Retail Finance etc

Anyway, I have been unemployed since Nov 23rd, due to the new job not working out.
I tried to go back to my old job which I had been doing for 5 years, but unfortunately they said they were going through a restructure and were not recruiting, I'd called their recruitment 2 weeks ago and they took my details, said there were vacancies, and I had to book a telephone interview.

I passed that, and then was sent an application form to fill in (with photo and details) and send back which had; Then I got a letter saying due to the review and restructure all applications are on hold!


Anyway! I went in to see my would-be new boss today as he was visiting the store I used to work in, within 10 mins he had offered me my old job back, albeit not in my local store, but one I'd worked in before (about 30 mins drive away) with an increased salary, and more petrol money because of the distance of the other store.

Im happy as I know there genuinely is a restructure but as they did need someone in the other store, and my colleagues in this store and that one, both put my name forward, my boss has called HR and cleared it.
Much better than in 2 months them saying, sure, you have an interview, but you'll be up against x applicants for the same job...! Etc!

Not saying it was my ideal job ever, but at the end of the day, I hate being unemployed, and the job interviews i've been for, show me that really, my old job wasnt as bad as I used to think...

Sometimes you gotta take two steps back to go forward hey...!
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