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i7 7700K vs 4790K?

25 Nov 2004
On the road....
Currently got a 4790k @4.8Ghz with an AIO, I’m thinking my board is failing as I can only get it to boot in a single channel configuration (where previously it was fine in dual) , I’ve been offered a 7700k and motherboard for £100 which seems a steal, I’d just need RAM.

On the face of it there doesn’t seem much of an improvement over the 4790K performance wise, would you just source another Z97 board and keep the 4790K or upgrade?

Were I to opt for the 7700K it would be overclocked using the AIO as the 4790K is.

Cheers. :)
23 Mar 2011
West Side
7700k , motherboard and ram going to cost you £ 160 approx

Minus 4670k and ram sale.

Replacement motherboard £100 approx.

Could always put a wanted thread in the members market.
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