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i7 9700k power pin requirement

8 Oct 2009
United Kingdom
Hi guys,

Does anyone know how many power pins are required to the mobo for the i7 9700k?

My Mobo: Aorus z390 pro (non wifi) comes with 1 X 4 pin (12V) and 1 X 8 pin (12V) 12 pins total

It came as a prebuilt but i've just noticed after all this time that all 12 pins are connected to my power supply - is this overkill? I would have thought the 8 pin would be enough but im abit clueless when it comes to computers!

I dont want to unplug any power connectors for fear of bricking my system.

Edit: I only ask as im in the process of replacing the rear case fan however the 4 pin fan connector is very VERY fiddly and hard to get at with all 12 power pins connected just above it.
20 Jun 2013
You can unplug it and plug it back in after you've swapped the fan. Most cases you don't need both unless you have a very hungry system it's mainly there for over clocking where you will pump more power into your chips, saying that, there's no benfit to taking it out and removing it.
Make sure your system is off unplu the cable, plug your fan in and plug your cable back. You won't brick your system
22 Jun 2006
You won't be able to max out the 8 pin unless you have an insane overclock, but I don't know if that motherboard will require the 4 pin, the manual seems ambiguous.
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