iAP Interface error

12 Dec 2022
Our church bought a new camera, my pc didn't read the camera as a webcam (for live streaming) and has an error regarding iAP interface. Of course before coming here, I've tried reinstalling drivers, updated windows and checked the internet but still no progress. The thing is, it works on my brother's pc.

Bro's pc:
i5 8600
Asus b360-h

My pc:
i5 10400f
Asus b560-a

I was wondering if it has something to do with my cpu since it has no integrated graphics. Because if that's the case, our church's pc has r5 3600 which also does not have an apu. I know there is a workaround for this, to just use a capture card but it bugs me that my pc has an error like this and I might come across with it again sooner or later.

Used it on OBS and default camera in windows. Camera is Canon EOS R10 (already downloaded their webcam utility driver), connection used it type c (camera) to type a (pc).
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