Intel xeon e3-1270 v6 motherboard

16 Jan 2021
Hi guys

Its my first post here, so i would firstly like to say hello. Im a PC enthusiast and my job involves working with pc's so i know a bit about them.

I have been given a Dell precision 3420 SFF device to keep and the specs are quite decent for a free machine. It has a Intel xeon e3-1270 v6 processor 32gb ddr4 ram snd a 512gb nvme drive. However as its a precision it has a Nvidia p1000 graphics card snd only a small 225W power supply i think.

I have a Asus Strix GTX 960 in my current build which i want to use with this and a 500w modular cpu. Now i know this case can only take a low profile graphics card which is an option, but probs my last option.

Im currently exploring the route of a new motherboard and a different case. But i need some help with motherboard compatibility please. The processor is from the Kaby lake gen and is a socket 1151 with 14nm lithography. My problem is finding a motherboard that is compatible. I have seen 1151 socket motherboards but these are for8th gen coffeelake and from what i know the cpus fit but are not compatible.

Would anyone be able to help please? Many thanks in advance.
22 Jun 2006
I'm afraid the kaby lake Xeons only work in C232 or C236 motherboards with the necessary BIOS update. It's likely that any compatible motherboard will be so expensive it's not worth keeping the CPU. Some Dell PCs use standard ATX parts which can be fitted to another case, but you'd have to check the power connectors. If the power connectors are custom, it might still be possible to buy an adapter for an ATX PSU.
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