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Is my non 4k amp reducing quality?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by Markgolf, Jan 14, 2020 at 12:53 PM.

  1. Markgolf


    Joined: Jan 5, 2020

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    Hi All,

    I just got my new Samsung Q80R, very nice and very happy.

    I have everything (xbox, sky Q 2tb, PS4) going through a trusty old Sony STR-DH910 amp (Prob 9 years old).

    Will this be reducing the quality of the image on my TV? I did try to compare a 4k Youtube vid played from my sky q box against youtube on the TV itself but to be honest, I didn't spot a difference in quality or motion.

    Just one of those things where you want to see the full potential of the TV.. (Even if I don't notice it)

  2. Jason1973


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    Location: midlands

    Hi Markgolf.

    If the amp is 1080 p it will reduce the picture but the tv will more likely upscale. You could test by connecting directly to the tv and see if you can notice the difference. I would be getting a 4K amp if I didnt have one already.
  3. Bluecube

    Wise Guy

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    What Jason1973 said. The OP notes that it’s difficult to see the difference between 4K and 1080p. I’ve also found that Samsung TVs have excellent upscalers that make it difficult to see the difference. The differences are there if you look hard enough (usually a slightly brighter, sharper pic) but not so much that they slap you in the face.
  4. lucid


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    The short answer is yes. Whether or not you see the difference though depends on the source.

    Of its just UHD resolution, but still SDR with 8bit colour (hello Sky Q :rolleyes: ), and you're sitting far enough away from the screen, then it will be hard to tell much difference.

    Change though to a UHD source with HDR and WCG, then try comparing it direct to the TV against going through the amp, and the difference should be colossal. I've always said that the extra dynamic range and broader colour range is what's most noticeable about UHD. In fact, we could have stayed with 1080p and just added HDR and WCG and been just as happy. These are the thing you see at any distance in a living room. They trump resolution by a country mile.
  5. Raggs

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    could buy a 4k switch, I've routed my 4k sources through one and let the ARC channel on the tv send sound to the old avr i have ,theres a downside though arc doesn't appear too support DTS HD pass-though or True Dolby sound from my xbox on x apparently it can do this now, i get normal dts or dolbly digital plus from 4k blu rays, but i think this new earc standard may do from bits i have read.