Monoblock bad contact - Copper IHS?

13 Jan 2018
I've got an 8700k delidded/LM (pushed/stuck back together with OEM silicone) and i'm using a Hero X board with an EKWB M9H monoblock.

The monoblock is quite clearly making bad contact with the CPU as my temperatures are worse than expected, and definately better with a normal CPU block.

Doing some googling it looks like this is a common issue with monoblocks as you dont have any spring tension directly on the CPU to make a good contact youre relying purely on the correct clearances on the block/board. Few people talk about how delidding a CPU makes this worse as the IHS is no longer at a standard height.

anyone got any practical ideas for sorting this out? I was thinking about using a different IHS as some people suggested the rockit cool IHS being slightly taller to account for delidding:

but i cant find a UK supplier of this IHS. ebay has loads of different copper IHSs available but all seen to have limited details and drop-shipping from china.

or what about adding some kind of copped sheet as a layer between the block/CPU? ie Block->TIM->Sheet->TIM->IHS or is that as aterrible and idea as i think it is?

Any help appreciated.
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