Mountian Bike insurance

7 Jan 2009
Could anyone recommend me a good insurance company for a Mountain bike?

Ideally i need one that covers theft from anywhere as i use my bike as a daily to get about,So to work,going into town doing errands etc and it gets locked up with a chain (usually always in populated areas near cameras etc.

Reason i ask for suggestions as i know some companies have in their TOS.
some policies will state that claims may not be paid if the bicycle is stolen from a vehicle or left unattended away from the insured location

*away from the insured location* how do you even define the "insured location" when its a daily used bike..this is what concern's me i need one that covers everything from complete theft to vandalism.

appreciate the replies.
2 Jul 2019
In my opinion it's not worth it as anything that tends to cover what you want is too expensive. As well as having issues in the T&Cs should the unfortunate happen.

Best practice is to lock up correctly in an area where vandalism is less likely to happen and use more than a single lock.

You can also use security quick releases for wheels and seat, maybe other parts? It's not something i've really looked into as i won't leave my bike anywhere.

Making your bike look less flashy helps. These bright colours really do draw attention, as does long travel suspension.

There are other ways like changing allen bolts to torx to help prevent part stealing also. Locking your brakes is a minor prevention too.

Maybe ask if you can leave your bike somewhere inside due to suspicious characters around you noticed :p

Hope that helps despite not answering your question.
25 Feb 2004
As above its difficult to get a rock solid one for theft, I have M&S home gold or something which states it cant be on show in a car.

Probably best to go to one of the specialists like bikmo or laka, but you do pay for them. I've used cycle plan in the past who were great but the premiums shot up one year.

M&S were really good when I claimed for an accident last year, but I know @Muffin` has had difficulties with a claim through them where they were useless.
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