MYSQL - selecting data from one table, and then using it to select data from another table

12 Feb 2006
i'm struggling to figure this one out.

i'll try to keep it brief.

i have a table which stores all customer quotes along with their details (email address, quote number etc)

what i'm working on is to have another table which tracks follow up email history, so if i send day 1 follow up it tracks this, day 3 follow up etc.

I have the quote number, and what i want to do, is say:

select from quotes where quote number = quote number, get the email address, and then, select from email_history, where email = got_email

i've excluded some of bits like where date is within last 3 days etc to keep it simplified.

how do i go about this? i'ts the joining, and then using the selected email i'm struggling with.
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