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Need advice setting up wireless for a caravan site

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by DezUk, 5 Jun 2006.

  1. DezUk

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    Location: Scotland

    I've had my cousin on the phone asking me if i can help him with setting up wireless access for his caravan site to which i said no problem. Thing is i have only ever setup wirless on a home or an office area and not had to cover a large distance. Can anyone recommend what type of aerial to use to broadcast the signal from a small linksys router across a site with maybe 20 people wanting to access the net ?

  2. Mercutio


    Joined: 11 Jun 2003

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    Location: Sheffield, UK

    Id think any good gain omni-directional would do the trick nicely? Is the access point in the middle or at one side (eg the site office)? If its at the side its probably worth trying to get a couple of directionals to make sure the place is well covered.
  3. Ultra_Extreme

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    Might need something a bit more powerful than a little linksys m8, depending on range. Another important consideration is that external antennae are against EU directives over here and thus to use one you need express council permission (obtained at planning offices) else risk some hefty fine-age.

    In principle tho look for commercial routers to do the job, not cheap tho.
  4. #Chri5#


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    Really? Is that a new (ish) requirement for council permission?
  5. Kona*

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    You sure on that?

    We do this type of work every week - some of this is for the council. We also have a wireless hotspot at a camp site, we needed no planning permission. We use the Cisco Omni-Directional antennae on most sites, they have a pretty large range! Email me at my address in my trust and I can give you further info on hardware and software to use.


    Edit #2: Ultra_Extreme, you do realise that BT Openzone use Netgear routers/access points? They are just re-boxed to make them look like BT's own, the board etc is all Netgear and not the ProSafe stuff - just the normal home-going stuff :)
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  6. Ultra_Extreme

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    Depends on output of the antennae, there are certqain broadcasting limits that you must stay within in order to be below the threshold for a broadcast licence. Could be just a welsh thing maybe? I'd check it out anyway.
  7. Skiddley


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    How big is the site? Might want to consider a wireless mesh approach.