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new Ryzen 5600x system wont POST

25 Mar 2010
MSI MAG X570 Tomahawk
AMD Ryzen 5600x

powered on and left it for a several mins as i know ryzen can take awhile on first boot before POST then checked the debug LED's and saw CPU light was on. quick check of manual and it indicates no CPU installed

Checked 24pin and 8pin to main board
taken headsink off cpu, checked for bent pins before reseating it again

2nd boot and still getting no POST, EZ debug CPU led staight on when powering up

can someone confirm this board supports the new 5000 series out of the box and doesnt need bios flashing first?

hope i dont have a DOA cpu :(
3 Feb 2008
You really need to flash the bios before worrying about a DOA cpu. For the Ryzen 5000 series you really should be trying to get onto the latest anyway. Don't know if that mobo supports out of the box but it doesn't really matter; Flash first, then report back.
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