Noob advice on Monsoon MMRS

28 Jun 2017
Hi Guys

I'm looking to upgrade my first attempt at a simple watercooled loop, which works but look a little amaturish..... Like the look of the Monsoon MMRS system so I've put together the following basket ( I already have a CPU block, Rad etc):

Monsoon PETG Tubing 16/12mm (ID 1/2" OD 5/8") 4x90cm - Clear
Stock Code WC-303-MO

XSPC PETG Easy Cut / Easy Bend Toolkit

Configurator Monsoon MMRS Bundle

Your selected configuration: Edit Configuration
Reservoir End Cap 1 Monsoon MMRS Single Port End Cap - Black
Reservoir End Cap 2 Monsoon MMRS End Cap with D5 Pump Mount - Black
Fill Drain Port Caps Not wanted
Dual Bulb CCFL Lights Not wanted
D5 Pumps XSPC D5 Vario (Body + Screwring)
D5 Motor Mounting Cover Monsoon MMRS D5 Motor Mounting Cover - Red
Reservoir Mounts (2x) Monsoon MMRS Reservoir Mount 25mm - Matte Black
Temperature Plugs Not wanted
Tube Length/Colour Monsoon MMRS Acrylic Tube 100mm - Clear
Tension Rods Monsoon MMRS Tension Rods 100mm - Red
Plugs Monsoon MMRS Premium G 1/4 Plug - Chrome

Monsoon EV2 Compression Fitting For Hard Tubing 1/2" x 5/8" (15.2mm to 16.2mm) - 6 Pack - Red
Stock Code WC-454-MO

Mayhems Pastel - Red Coolant 1L

Will this work? Obviously looking to cool the CPU only- case is a Phantom 530
Any advice, comments encouragement;) gratefully received!
28 Jun 2017
Funny you should say that-your build inspired my choice:)
Good to know I'm basically on the right track-thanks for the advice on the top port.
Must confess Im a little nervous about cutting /bending PTEG. Any tips?
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