Noob advice sought from windows MR veterans

23 May 2006
I have had 3 oculus VR headsets (still got the quest 2) and used lighthouse steamVR units without issue

But i am finding some parts of my windows MR Reverb G2 really unintuitive so any advice appreciated.

It does not help that the instructions on google do not work for me.

I have installed Windows Mixed reality SteamVR.... and essentially my apps work ok when launching from desktop or steam direct
I have installed ReVive and equally that works ok when launching from the desktop revive menu.

1) when i am in a steamVR game, according to Microsoft help, if i press the windows button on my controller and select home, it will exit the game and take me to my cliffhouse.......................... BUT it doesnt.... it takes me to my cliffhouse but the game is still running in the background. i cant figure out how to switch back to the game either so have to alt ctrl delete kill tab..... this cant be right.;......

So how do you switch to home and then back to game gracefully..... and how do you quick exit a game (oculus you press the home button and an option to exit comes up)

2) on videos i have seen the home window in your cliffhouse menu has a steamVR button to bring up the steam overlay..... this is not there for me... also apparently you press down on your joystick to bring up the steamVR menu........... again, for me neither stick press do anything... is this a problem to do with the new G2 controllers?

3) Revive works well for me, but on my mates machine when he plays a game on revive it is added to his steam library, indeed you would not know which is a revive game and which is native steam, it is seamless.... for me however the 2 are totally disconnected. I would like to be able to add all my oculus games to steam and also pin them to my cliff house wall but cant figure it out.

any advice gratefully received.

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