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23 Jan 2012
Thanks to Freefaller for pointing me over here :D

I'm starting to get into the gym, specifically weights and I am looking to bulk up with some muscle. There is lots of conflicting information regarding nutrition and I would appreciate your thoughts here :)

Height: 6ft
Weight: 91kg
Age: 31

I tend to do a 45 minute session at lunchtime, mon - fri. I also play squash on tuesday evenings. Rest at the weekend.

Currently aiming for calorie intake of between 2700-3000 on workout days, up to 3400 when I play squash. My current focus is on protein, which tends to end up at c.200 - 240g a day, complex carbs after a workout and avoided in the evening (except after squash). Fat i tend not to worry about at the moment.

A typical day is something like this -

Breakfast - 7am
Vanilla Whey Protein, tbsp peanut butter, 1 or 2 bananas, milk

Breakfast 2 - 9.30am
2 eggs(fried or boiled), baked beans

Chicken breast, broccoli and mixed veg + brown rice or 1 sweet potato

turkey stir fry (no noodles) and some cottage cheese

Nuts, seeds and may be a cheeky snickers now and again
3 protein shakes a day (incl breakfast one mentioned - other two are pre and post workout)

Freefaller has suggested that's too much protein, which is fine. Happy to be educated here, so fire away!

Man of Honour
3 Apr 2003
+200g of protein is A LOT for somebody not wanting to look like Dorian Yates or whatever. Even levels over 150g are probably unnecessary. Remember, it's only one part of a complex balance of components that make up your body's tissue, and excesses will just make your visits to the loo unpopular with collleagues and family members.

If you're trying to bulk - given your current height/weight and activity levels - I would suggest dropping the protein shakes and adding more healthy food (handfuls of nuts, yadda yadda) as your food intake going by the numbers) is simply too low. Regarding carb intake of an evening, I wouldn't worry about it - just eat. :)

My 'recommended' (i.e. with a pinch of salt) level as a 5'11, formerly 83kg person who did occasional sport was around 3200kcals/day - practically, I find I need around that just to stay awake. And now that I go to the gym, the estimate has probably increased by quite a lot, particularly in reference to my objective of getting to 90kgs by June. I'm not hitting the protein specifically for the reasons outlined above - my intake has increased across the board as bigger muscles (ho, ho!) need more fuel (carbs/fats) and structural componentry (lipid), etc.
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