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PES 2019 - All aboard the hype train!

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by Fry750, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. Fry750


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    That time o' year when the PES hype train can begin to pick up steam...

    With the loss of the Champions League licence, PES needs something(s) to atone. Needless to say gameplay will still be the focus but what else does PES 2019 have up its sleeve?

    Apparently the Sony store in Hong Kong listed PES 2019 features (and quickly pulled):

    • AUTHENTIC LEAGUES: Huge addition of licensed leagues
    • NEW MYCLUB: Every element has been redone, from how you sign players, to special versions of players released throughout the year
    • MAGIC MOMENTS: Player individuality taken to the next level with 11 new skill traits, score great goals with improved shooting motion and animation and see stamina have an impact with Visible Fatigue
    • THE BEAUTIFUL GAME: Photo-realism with stunning animation flow in 4K HDR
    • ML REAL SEASON: Experience life as a real manager with 3 significant changes: ICC pre-season, in-depth transfer system and new league licences
    Some potential screens...



    My biggest PES 2019 wants:

    Liverpool licence/partnership remains
    PC matches console version
    Deeper ML
    Gameplay and animation improvements
    Better online (quality and responsiveness)

    It's also worth mentioning there was a release date of August 30th before it was pulled too...

    Either way, I canne wait!
  2. Bubo


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    I would prefer if they could return the master league superstar difficulty level back to its pre PES 2018 state, in other words tone down the utterly ridiculous AI scripting bullshine down to tolerable levels, without making it as easy as ****, you have Top Player to fulfil that role if you want an easy game. I mean come on, Superstar in PES2018 is just utter scripted nonsense.

    My prediction for what they will do with the Champions League savings? Absolutely nothing. Seriously, I bet the game will barely change from last year.
  3. ak22


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    I always get excited every year and buy PES then i get disappointed the games needs a massive overhaul.

    Button delay online.
    Players pushing into the back of you and winning the ball likes its american football.
    Crappy collisions.
    Goalkeepers needs improving
    My club is complete mess random players, managers needs removing income needs reworking.
    Bring back 2v2 couch coop.
    Match teams vs star rating.
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  4. ThestigGT999


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  5. Bubo


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    Master League looks like it is on the way out, extremely naff sounding "improvements", same as last year.


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    Probably spend most of their time trying to squeeze even more money out of their customers with the awful FUT competitor they’ve shoehorned in.

    Master League is the only reason I’d buy PES these days, last year the game actually played really well too, shame if they gut the mode completely I’d just stick with FIFA.
  7. Rifte

    Wise Guy

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    Alot of Coutinho love in that trailer.....