Please help ! lost me power cable for my monitor what are my options ?

8 Jul 2006
Hi people ! I am selling my old PC and monitor to my inlaws but I have managed to loose the power cable for the monitor. I managed to find another cable that fits which did seem to work for a while then it just didnt seem to pwer the monitor any more.

I think the problem is that the cable I used was 12 V AC when it says on the back I need a 12 V DC cable so no dout it was loosing power.

any way this is the info it says on the back of the monitor 12 V DC 3.0A. So my question is, were can I find a replacement cable that will all so plug in to my wall socket ??

I cant remember the make of the monitor as it doesnt say anything on it, but the input is just like the input power cable on the slimline PS2 - not a kettle lead cable.

Hope you understand.

thanks for any help !!! :)
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