PSU Died, Now PC Won't Boot

9 Jul 2003

My PSU died on me the other week, but the pc wasn't on when it went. It blew when I plugged it back in, and flicked the switch on the back. No big bang or anything, just wouldn't turn on.

Anyway I replaced the PSU with a Seasonic 430w, and all was well for about 25 minutes. Everything booted up fine, and I could use the pc as usual. But it then suddenly shut down while I was browsing the web, and I can't get it to turn on again.

So far I've tried changing the processor, video card and another PSU (all borrowed luckily) and it's made no difference.

The motherboard is powered though, as the red standby light is on and it's displaying code "F." on the LED counter. It also make a few very short sounds, like a crackling speaker when powered on.

I've looked through the manual and can't find a code "F." , so I don't know what that means. I've also tried the usual stuff like clearing the CMOS with no effect.

Current Spec:

Abit AN7 M/B
1GB 2700 DDR
6800GT (AGP)

I suspect the motherboard is dead, but being socket A and having a AGP video card means finding replacements is difficult.

Do any of the newer chipsets still have support for AGP, might be more worthwhile to do a very small upgrade (CPU + M/B) ?

Any Ideas? :)

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