Random blue screen when gaming

9 May 2017
We have an old pc which has been brilliant its several years old and stil does the job...well it did
It's a B350 F gaming motherboard with a ryzen cpu....it random blue screens sometimes oftern sometimes only after a few days all day use
It did it playing gta online but now gas done it playing cities skylines 2
It shows memory management issues when blue screen

Have replaced the memory from another pc which is brand new....also tried another GPU
It stil does it. But it's very random
Any ideas what's causing it?
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22 Jun 2006
Any ideas what's causing it?
It could be anything, software, hardware, but BSODs are usually drivers or memory issues, or occasionally temperatures.

I'd make sure the memory is good to begin with, what speed is it? Do you have XMP/DOCP enabled? If you do, I'd try turning it off and running at default speeds and see if it still crashes.

If you have a wireless card, you could try running with a cable, though cities skylines isn't online, right?

You could disable C-States, just in case there's a power switching problem, which is semi-common with older motherboards and newer Ryzen CPUs. If that is the problem, I'd try increasing the minimum volts slightly, though that's usually experienced as an idle or desktop (e.g. browsing) crash, not a gaming crash.
10 Nov 2005
From personal experiences, ram's deciding to now play up/on it's way or, or XMP causing problems, set your ram to the mhz it's listed as and leave the rest on auto, run memtest etc type programs for hours on a loop and see if you get any errors.
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