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Really weird AMD64 problem - full load after resume from standby?!

12 Mar 2003
Arlington, VA
Ok just tried this with both my Opty 146 (Venus) on a DFI Ultra-D, and A64 3000+ (Winny) on an EQS Xpress 200 board, and got the same problem.

Basically if I set the PC into standby (S3) mode and then resume it later on, the CPU runs at full load. Not in Windows Taskman, but I know it is running full pelt because the fans spin up to full speed and the temp maxes out at a point where I know that is fully loaded (55C for both CPU's).

At first I thought my cooling suddenly screwed up, but a cold reboot puts the temps back to normal (25C for the Winny with CnQ on, and 38C for the Opty). Ambient temps are slightly lower now, but surely not enough to make a 30C difference on the temp of the Winny??

Is this a known issue or I have I just randomly discovered it?!


18 Sep 2005
I have heard of this problem before. Some people think it is related to SATA. Apparently if you disable the unused sata ports in the bios you can solve the problem. I can't guarantee it will work, but i has to be worth a try.

Please post back to let us know if it works.

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