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Recommend me a card for less than £140 - 150

20 Nov 2005
Okay guys - actually looking for a mate. He has about £200 to spend (that includes the P&P). He is not a hardware freaks and doesn't have to have the best of the best and he is not bothered about DX10. All he wants is to upgrade his rig so it will play the latest games at a decent res. He already has a AMD 3400 Venice core and only plays on a 17in TFT.

So we have decided that as he hasn't got a board with PCI-Xpress we would need to get him a decide board. Have decided on the ASrock Dual SATA as I have that and while not a performance board it will do for him.

So that leaves about 140-150 for the Graphics card. I reckon he should go for the X1800XT 256Mb RAM as the price is amazing. However I have noticed that there are a lot of 7900 variants (GT's and GS's) and a few which are on offer atm on OCUK.

I have had a look at Tomhardware VGA charts and there doesn't seem to be much between them though the GT looks to be better overall. THe GS doesn't feature in the chart so how does that compare?

He has expressed that he would prefer to stay with NV, but would not be completely adverse to switching. So which offers best bang per buck, or which one would be best outright for the money.
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