Road Rage: How do you deal with it?

31 Mar 2004
London, UK
I was subjected to racial abuse (verbal) earlier today, granted I was nearly as bad by exchanging foul language but racial abuse seems like a different level to me. The driver in front decided to stop in the middle of the road with no signal for half a minute doing nothing and gets worked up when I give her a little "beep" to get her moving. After the first corner, she stops, gets out and starts throwing verbal abuse at me. After a minute or so of verbal abuse being exchanged, we both drove off. For me, it's just another ordinary day with an extra event :rolleyes: but it has got me thinking, what if that person decided to get physical?

Road Rage isn't something we come across often, usually verbal abuse is thrown around though I've seen fists being thrown, the worse I've witness was a metal pole drawn out :eek: Most people don't bother me if they get are moody and feel like taking it out on you, we've all had our moody days but how do you go around handling road rage, especially when it gets more than words being exchanged?
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