server shared folder issue

27 Mar 2004
running hp gen 8 microserver on w10

does not get used much these days but im having issues with shared folders
if i use my phone to sync it works fine
but as soon as i use my pc it says account locked out
i have not changed the use password but its had several updates and i guess some security has chnaged
i can remote in no issue if i do it straight away, if i leave it any lenght of time the account locks out

not really messed with any of this for ages and kind of forgot the limited knoledge i had on it

any pointers?
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14 Jun 2004
your using one of the default accoutns or a custom account?
from what you say it sounds like your using one account for both devices? or does the phone have a seporate account?
just double check the "computer managment" and what user accounts exist and if any are locked.
maybe try creating another user account and just test that one account with the PC.
it sounds like there is a cached passord in play some were. most likel on the laptop.
it is possible something nasty may be lurking and trying to brute force so may need to check event logs also.
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