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Smart Access Memory not supported by Zen2 but supported by Haswell

9 Nov 2009
Planet Earth
It appears AMD has gimped Zen2 in certain ways,so it can't support SAM:

However,Intel CPUs upto Haswell can!! Not at all happy! :(

This is despite,evidence to show it could work on CPUs and GPUs earlier than Zen3 under Linux:


agd5f X.Org ATI Driver Developer said:
Smart Access Technology works just fine on Linux. It is resizeable BAR support which Linux has supported for years (AMD actually added support for this), but which is relatively new on windows. You just need a platform with enough MMIO space. On older systems this is enabled via sbios options with names like ">4GB MMIO".

I really hope Nvidia can find a way around this,if not Cometlake and CFL users will gain even more performance over Zen2 with newer GPUs! :(
29 May 2005
It’s a lie. They just don’t want to enable it so that people don’t upgrade to zen3
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