Suggest headphones or earbuds ?

29 Dec 2012
Hi I need a little help if someone could help,

I've broken my wired headphones again and would like to replace it with something better, im not sure what to get, I mainly use my head phone with my PC for a good few hours (6-14 hour) I also use them with my phone.

my main issues is I tend to tug or drop them and dropping them ending up either damaging the cable, cups or frame.

for this reason, and the fact all new phones dont have a jack, I was considering wireless maybe something like samsung buds, beans, or wireless headphone

It would be good if they had a mic feature like the been so I could take calls and use them on my pc for gaming and zoom, skype ect

but may end up going for wired again

I've had some creative ones in the past and did not like them much, 1st the cups were small on ear which caused some pain after a short time, not very solid and fiddly.

My max budget is around £50 most because they dont tend to last long in my hands

Any help is welcome
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