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The Alienware 17 Laptop Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Laptops & Tablets' started by Besty, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. bakes0310


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    So tempted to move to a gaming laptop and this thread ain't helping. Just thinking would I miss my 34" monitor and high end pc.
  2. Teknobry

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    keep the 34" monitor, just connect the laptop up to it when you're using it at home!
    unless you're running 1080ti sli in your desktop a high end gaming laptop will deliver close performance to a high end desktop.
  3. Besty


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    Update on my two Alienware 17's.

    I now fully own these two laptops as I bought out the lease (very cheaply) from Dell.

    2017 Model with 1080 GTX - Running fine, main niggle is that the power cable keeps popping out the back. It is running Total War Warhammer 2 very well indeed.

    2016 Model with 980 - Running fine with some wear and tear on the power-cable, ironically this is because the power cable plugs into the side of the laptop. There is a significant drop in performance when playing Warhammer 2 in comparison with the 2017 model.

    I am eyeing a 2019 model but I really want a 9th Gen Mobile CPU and a 7nm/12nm GPU inside. The new model does have an upgradable CPU/GPU this time around however.....

    .....as well as those caveats, it looks like Alienware have fumbled the 2019 refresh of the new 17 and the new one either sets itself on fire or has a borked screen, with no high-res options for another 4 months or so.

    I had a look at the new m17 slim-line range and i have discounted it on the basis of it burning my legs (less cooling and aluminium body) and it lacks the sub-frame to stop the laptop from bending if it is picked up from a corner. Because of the temp throttling it is around the same speed as a 2017 model.

    The wait continues for new and improved lazyboy gaming, I have to say that moving to laptop gaming has really improved my back and neck.
  4. MiSJAH

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    Isn't it a shame the all new alienware laptops come with the Max-Q variants, except the outrageously overpriced Area-51m.

    (Clevo, and other brands, have had desktop CPU's and upgradeable GPU's in laptops for years).
  5. Besty


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  6. delta0


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    I’m going to add a 1TB 970 EVO Plus and a couple of HyperX 16GB RAM sticks into my 17 R3. Should keep me going with this machine a bit longer at least :cool:
  7. Vargas


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  8. Besty


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    Yeah gotta wait, apart from the lack of OLED in the 17, there is nothing wrong with the chassis of the new refresh but the 14nm CPU/GPU chips are just too hot. 2 Power-plugs required for the top tier model.

    In 12 months from now we will have cooler-running chip options and a 17inch OLED.