ThunderX3 Core Loft chair review

Man of Honour
22 Jun 2006
This is a user review of the ThunderX3 Core Loft. The sample was kindly provided by OCUK.

I'm something of a chair novice, since I've never purchased a gaming chair, but I'll do my best to produce a useful review.


These are some of the major features listed by ThunderX3:

- Self-adjusting lumbar support, which moves with your posture.
- 6-way adjustments, including:
- Synchronous tilt (backrest and seat move together, when you lean back).​
- Forward tilt (can tilt the seat forward, so that if you're perching you're still supported).​
- The seat can be moved back and forward on the chair (and up or down), if it needs more or less depth.
- 4D armrests, which can move to the side, or be angled left or right (and up or down).
- Support for your head and neck, through an included adjustable (detachable) headrest.
- Standalone feet or arm/hand rest.
- Rear storage packet.

More here:


The major parts of the chair came in two different boxes. While it does make lifting the boxes easier (due to their weight), it also helps avoid shipping damage, from the parts banging into each other. The wheels and the steel metal base were also packed together, separately from the rest.

There was plenty of padding between the fabric and the metal parts and I could find no rips or tears to the fabric and no dents or scratches to the metal.

The fabric was covered with a thick clear plastic that was branded (actually, everything was branded, even the boxes).


There is a plastic box, which contained all of the chunky screws for the chair and an allen key, which was the only tool required for assembly.

The manual included with the chair is very clear, with large pictures. Whoever put it together has a sense of humour.

There was only one picture where I got stuck and I wasn't sure what to do, but on closer inspection, the part itself had the instructions written on it. I'd assume this is because they acted on previous feedback, which is reassuring about ThunderX3's care for their product.

The assembly order:

1. Screw the metal part (with the levers and adjustments) onto the bottom of the chair seat.

2. Attach the arm rests.

3. Attach the wheels to the base and then slot it in (to the seat assembled in 1 - 2.).

4. Flip the whole thing over, so that it stands flat.

5. Slot the backrest into the existing assembly (from 1 - 4).

6. Screw the backrest into place.


Included with the chair:
- 1. A headrest which has an adjustable strap, to attach it to the backrest.
- 2. A footrest, which can also be used as a rest for your arms/hands.

Thoughts on assembly

Since this was my first impression of the chair, I was pretty impressed with how it went.

Everything was well-drilled (no fussy screws here), the instructions were very clear and the big chunky screws made things very simple. Spare screws are provided, if one was to break during assembly, but I'd say that is unlikely.

There were no sharp edges and all of my fingers survived intact, even when just using the supplied allen key.

Assembly was easy to do on my own, but I do recommend having someone else to help you slot the backrest into the base assembly.

You do need a decent amount of space to put the chair together and once assembled it is pretty heavy. For this reason, I carried the parts upstairs and assembled it in the intended room.

Thoughts on the chair - build quality

When first opening the package, the build quality did stand out, since everything feels solid and nicely finished, with the fabric securely tucked into the chair and none of the inner workings showing through, either before or after assembly.

The metal pieces are chunky, with a solid black finish and rounded edges.

The chair seat and backrest has a lot of padding, since it is very thick and can be felt in your hand if you grab it.

Once assembled, it feels robust, there aren't any concerning wobbles and I have confidence sitting on my own handiwork.

The headrest and footrest are similarly plush to the seat itself, but they do feel a little firmer and I assume are intended to be removed and stored away when not needed.

Thoughts on the chair - usage

It is very comfortable for longer use and with the headrest attached is suited to relaxing while watching a film, or doing video calls.

For doing office work, I'd probably want to adjust it, so that there's more support for perching forward. The chair is still very comfortable in this position, while doing some light reading, or typing, with the adjustable armrests able to support your elbows.

The chair is quite large, since the footprint is more similar to an armchair than a typical office chair, so it would look best with a big desk, an ultrawide monitor and other gaming gear.

Thoughts on the chair - features

I'll let a professional go through the features properly:

My thoughts are that it has every adjustment I could possibly need and more besides. While it is pretty comfortable in any position, it is definitely worth learning how to adjust it properly, since the extra support for your preferred seating position is a big bonus of the chair.

There's far more adjustments than most chairs I've sat on, since you can adjust the height of the armrests and the seat, the seating depth and even tilt the seat forward on the base.

Thoughts on the chair - VFM

I must admit that before I received the chair, I thought you must be mad to spend £300 on one, but after using the chair for several months, I get it!

If I do spend that much, I definitely want to have confidence it will arrive in one piece (so the great packaging is a big plus) and that it is durable enough to last for many years, which I have no doubt that it will.

I was impressed with the attention to detail: in the instructions, the branded packaging and the quality of the finish. I got the feeling of an outfit small enough to care and big enough to do everything properly.

It would make a great present for someone who has had to put up with a crap chair. I think it is genuinely transformative of the experience working with, or gaming with your PC, similar in impact to having a big monitor for the first time. Having used the Core Loft, I'd honestly rather have the chair first and then the monitor and PC second, since the comfort really helps with your enjoyment and productivity.

Feel free to ask any questions about the review.

Thank you to OCUK and ThunderX3 for the sample!
Man of Honour
22 Jun 2006
Hi how soft is the seat cushion?
It is kind of hard to describe because I don't know what to compare to, but I'd say: fairly firm. The cushion is pretty thick and you don't just sink into it like a pillow. It is not very firm though.
Man of Honour
22 Jun 2006
Thanks, I've had noblechairs which was way too firm and secretlab also hard.
I'd be surprised if you found it too hard, but I have never owned another gaming chair, so unfortunately very hard to make comparisons.

Are you still using the chair and how long do you tend to sit on it?
Yes, I am. I can't really give an exact figure because it depends, but if you're worried about it being comfortable long-term, I can say that I sit on it for many hours and haven't had problems.
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